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I can’t recommend Allan strongly enough! I started sessions with him during a stressful time of my life, with issues regarding both my family and work. My problems gave me much anxiety and I felt powerless at times. However, right after starting my healing journey with Allan, I felt immediately calmer, positive and focused. The “me” I knew started resurfacing.
He truly listened to me, gave me great inputs and advise on how to handle daily life and take the little steps that would progressively help me in my journey. I will not deny that, before I started therapy, I had a few doubts about its effectiveness. I also had some preconceptions, a stereotype in my head of what kind of issues can or can’t be addressed in therapy.
I couldn’t be more wrong. What I learned is that it is a very powerful tool that we can all turn to and benefit from during the lows of life. After all, the truth is that we all encounter problems in our lives at one point or another, and keeping all emotions bottled up inside is not good for one’s wellbeing. Thank you for everything, Allan!

Overall my experience with Allan has been positive. His knowledge is exceptional and the application of this knowledge to my situation has been first rate. He goes above and beyond the standards I would expect from someone in his field. In my opinion Allan should be the benchmark for professional practice.

Allan has helped me tremendously, I feel my overall outlook on my life has shifted so much more positively and I am much more able to cope with life’s stresses. When I first came in to see Allan I was feeling very overwhelmed and unable to cope with some personal issues, I am so grateful for the progress I have made, the massive improvement to my mood, mindset and the much clearer perspective I am able to navigate life with.

Allan has completely changed my life. I can’t begin to explain how positive it has been for me to be a patient of his. He has guided me through many painful and difficult life experiences which I struggle to wonder how I would have coped without his kind, caring expertise.

I started sessions with Allan during a really stressful time of my life regarding work. It gave me much anxiety, I was restless & couldn’t sleep very well. However after my first session with Allan I felt calmer, stronger, positive, motivated and my vision was clear again. He listened attentively & gave great advise as well as breathing techniques which worked to my surprise. As a young black woman I was at first scared to go to therapy as there is a stigma attached that it’s for crazy people. But the truth is we all need it, as we all have issues and building it up inside is never good for anyone.

Coming to Allan was not only therapy for such a difficult time as this but has now become apart of my lifestyle. I highly recommend PUMB and have done so already to many family and friends who have also voiced how amazing he is. Allan is an exceptional Psychotherapist, extremely professional, patient and ultimately has helped to save my life.
Thank you for everything.
Given a 5 stars rating.

Allan is a good counsellor who took time to understand the deeper meaning behind my problems and work to create practical solutions. He is also really good at explaining how the brain works so I could understand the effects that the treatment was having from a cognitive perspective.
Just want to say thanks once again for your help Allan!

Over the course of the last three and a half years I have periodically received a series of sessions with him (as a result of my first experience of the way in which he provided a listening ear and emotional support for me), each time that I have found myself in need of therapeutic input Mr. Eno has been the one I would always request.

He has brought me through two very big traumatic experiences. Mr. Eno always gave me the space to use the sessions in the way in which would most benefit me and he worked upon meeting my needs and at times he would give me some homework to do, things which I can delve further into and research for myself. I fully appreciate and endorse Mr. Eno’s practice, the wealth, length and depth of his knowledge to provide anyone in need with the help they desire during their time of need.

When I first met Allan I was at the lowest I had ever been. I was feeling upset, angry and terribly sad. Allan helped me articulate and deal with my overwhelming emotions. He taught me how to switch off the fight and flight mode and regain control. Allan is a very skilled pedagogue and I found very easy to totally trust his methodology because I could almost instantly see the impact.

I thought this was the best counselling I have ever had. Extremely helpful, a great listener with proactive suggestions and therapy that really has helped me. I would recommend Allan at any time.

I found Allan to be easy to speak to and a good listener. He came up with practical solutions that worked instantly…breathing techniques. I would highly recommend Allan.