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Prior to therapy or any intervention, an initial assessment is conducted to obtain relevant information pertaining to the client’s presenting problem or issue of concern. Upon such assessment weekly or fortnightly therapy sessions will be offered as appropriate.

During the initial assessment appointment, clients are provided with the space to talk about their problem or concerns. Specific assessment tools are frequently implemented to determine the extent of depression or anxiety (i.e. mild, moderate or severe).

Based on the outcome of these assessment tests, treatment is sometimes offered in the very first appointment, enabling clients to appreciate that change can be experienced quite swiftly.

Therapy, Supervision & Training Fees

All sessions are by appointment only. A typical session is 50 minutes to 1 hour long.

* The fee for a 1 hour individual therapy session ranges
from £120
* The fee for a 1 hour Couples Therapy session ranges
from £140
* Off site individual therapy session
£70 per hour session
* Off site Couples therapy session
£100 per hour session
* Telephone Counselling
£35 per hour session
* Health Provider Services
Individuals £140 per/ ​Couples therapy cost £160 per hour
* Effective Stress Buster Sessions
£35 per person, per 40 minutes group session
* Individual Supervision
£90 per hour session
* Off Site Individual Supervision
£70 per hour session
* Off Site Dyadic Supervision
£25 per supervisee (x2) per hour session
* Dyadic Supervision
£45 per supervisee (x2) per hour session
* Off Site Group Supervision
£25 per supervisee (x3) per 1.5 hour session
* Full-Day Training Workshops
£500 (i.e. 9.30am to 4.30pm for a maximum of 25 delegates)
Half-Day Training Workshops
£300 (i.e. 9.30am to 1pm or 1pm to 4.30pm (max of 25 delegates))


Important Information

Referrals & Appointments

Referrals to the Psychological Unity of Mind & Body frequently derive from GPs, self referral, hospitals, insurance claims and healthcare services amongst others.

How to make an appointment

To make an appointment you can contact the PUMB on the number indicated on the home-page. You can also leave a message on the confidential voicemail service and we will respond to your messages as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can send an email message, which is completely confidential. Clients that want to pay for sessions by PayPal or credit card, you are required to pay for sessions in advance, enabling the related practitioner to secure the appointment.

Clients that intend to pay by cash, they are able to pay on the day of the arranged appointment. Please consider the cancellation policy when arranging an appointment.

Methods of payment

Payments for sessions are currently accepted by PayPal, Visa/Debit/Credit Cards or cash payments.


1 Therapy Session


1 Couples Therapy Session


Therapy session at SWL


Couples Therapy Session at SWL


Telephone Counselling Session

Book an appointment

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Cancellation of Appointments

The PUMB operates a 48 hour cancellation notice policy. All clients must cancel their respective appointment within 48 hours of the arranged therapy session which must be conducted either by phone (i.e. voicemail message), or email and text message confirmation. Failure to cancel an appointment with less than 48 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee, which is set at the same rate of the therapy session. The related practitioner must be compensated for the loss of advanced bookings.